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Information Medicine is the streaming platform for vitality and harmony

Stimulate your self-healing ability with the healing frequencies.
The electromagnetic and sound frequencies promote communication, cooperation and recovery at the cellular level. With the right information, your body can heal itself at the deepest level of body, mind and spirit.

  • Daily-applicable sound therapy via online subscription
  • Can be used preventively, in case of complaints and in personal development
  • Simply use your own speaker box or our special speaker
  • Also suitable for animals, plants & harmonizing your living environment

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What do you need?


A device suitable for online streaming, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC


a good quality external speaker


a stable internet connection to load the sound files

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€ 24,95 per month

with increasing discount for a quarterlyor yearly subscription

2-week Trial with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Not Satisfied = Money Back



€ 59,- per month

with increasing discount for a quarterlyor yearly subscription

2-week Trial with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Not Satisfied = Money Back


No, you can’t. To be effective, the information presented in the form of harmonic frequencies must be up to date. That is why the frequencies are adjusted daily and we offer the sound files through this online streaming platform.

With our streaming technology, the sound files are composed at the moment you compose the combinations and have them loaded onto your device. Therefore, it may take some time for the files to buffer and load.

Note: you don’t need an internet connection during playback. Once the desired combination of sound files has been loaded, feel free to put your device in airplane mode.

Natural frequencies follow the rhythm of the seasons. This means that the frequencies vary from day to day. They are aligned with the position of the sun in relation to the earth. The position of the sun moves a little every day and makes an analemma movement throughout the year. Natural frequencies follow this rhythm and move along with it. The analemma looks like the figure eight and is perhaps more commonly known as the infinity symbol. Our body, more specifically the water in our cells, is attuned to this cosmic harmony.

No, we don’t recommend that. The quality of the speaker and of the audio cable are essential components for this form of therapy. Always use a good quality external speaker for playback, and preferably the Information Speaker, of course.

The more natural and purer the information stimulus is, the better the body will absorb it. The body’s cells recognize the harmonics as “the original resonance of the cells” and absorb what they need to restore harmony. The quality of the speaker and of the audio cable are essential components for this form of therapy.

With the use of the Information Speaker with the included audio cable, you are assured of the optimal transmission of the information, in the form of harmonic frequencies and vibrations. You place the handy speaker with the vibration side on the body and the tactile vibrations provide a beneficial experience.

If it is not possible to play the sound files through the Information Speaker, you can also use another external speaker of good quality (e.g. JBL, Sonos, Alexa, the Eneby from Ikea or a speaker of equivalent quality or better).

Please choose a high-quality audio cable (e.g. Drivv, Clicktronic, QED performance or another audio cable of equivalent quality or better). The audio cable ensures more stable transfer of the sound information compared to playing via Bluetooth or WiFi. In case of stuttering during streaming, we strongly recommend playing the sound files using an audio cable instead of wirelessly.

The Information Speaker is not actually a speaker, but a harmonic sound exciter that is intended to produce acoustic energy (sound and vibration) through a contact surface, in this case the body.

So your body actually turns into a sound box that amplifies the tones and allows the palpable vibrations to reach all your body cells and thus provide a beneficial experience.

The Information Speaker transmits the healing information to the body threefold via tactile vibrations, sound frequencies (softly audible tones) and electromagnetic (light) frequencies.

The harmonic frequencies are suitable for everyday use. In practice, we have experienced that an average of 4 times a week a sound session is practically feasible for almost everyone and at the same time offers efficient and pleasant support.

Tips & Trics:

  1. Vary. Make sure you have enough variation in daily use and let each chosen file be covered 2 times a week.
  2. Combine. Compose combinations of 2 (0f 3) files and alternate the combinations with each other, spread over the week.
  3. Acute = often and a lot. Feel free to treat 1-2 times a day for a maximum of 3 weeks.
  4. Chronic = be consistent and alternate. Put together 2-3 combinations and alternate them with each other, with each combination being played 1-2 times a week. Zo kom je gemiddeld uit op 4 x per week een geluidsbehandeling voor een langere periode (8-12 weken).

Yes, our sound therapy is suitable for everyone: adults, children, animals, plants and also for harmonizing your living environment. In the private sphere, the Premium subscription can also be used for your (pet) animals, children and/or partner/housemates/family members who live at the same address. If you want to be able to offer the treatment with the harmonic frequencies to others, choose the Professional subscription.

For young children, young animals and small animals, we recommend a playing time of 20 minutes. Learn more about choosing the right duration of the soundfiles here.

The sound therapy with harmonic frequencies is very suitable as a preventive health promotion to stay fit, vital and resilient. It also offers valuable support for a variety of complaints in the field of body, mind and spirit. For example, to support the recovery of physical injuries and disorders, and also with mental-emotional and energetic complaints. In our view, this relatively new way of treatment is the health revolution of the future.

No. Information medicine is a new form of medicine. Much is still unknown about how frequencies in the form of electromagnetic radiation and sound waves can positively or negatively affect our body and immediate environment. We base our findings on various published scientific articles and studies (see Science page). We also set up our own scientific pilot studies, in collaboration with the Holistic Practice for Animals and Humans Den Hoek. More information about our current and completed studies can be found on our Science page. Our findings from practice are very good, which is why we want to make this new form of treatment with frequencies available to a wider audience. However, the sound treatments are not (yet) registered as a medical product.

The information on this website is of a general nature and does not take into account anyone’s personal circumstances or situation. For medical advice, you should always consult a registered health professional or doctor. does not and does not intend to make any representation that information on this website and the use of sound treatments offered through this website is a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from a registered health professional or physician.

If you have any questions or doubts about a medical complaint, procedure, treatment or illness, always consult your own doctor or healthcare provider. All information on this website is of a general nature and Information Medicine does not and does not intend to claim that the use of sound treatments can meet individual expectations or assumptions.

Use your own speaker or order our special speaker

Order the Information speaker and audio cable or other products that support the sound treatments easily via our website. For an optimal experience, we recommend the use of the Information Speaker, which is placed directly on the body as a vibration speaker. The information is transmitted in three ways:

  • through sound,
  • Electromagnetic frequencies
  • and perceptible vibrations
In this way, the frequencies can reach all body cells for a beneficial effect.

Information Speaker

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