the symphony of our inner nature


Information medicine is a relatively new form of medicine – in our view it is the health (r)evolution towards the future. With harmonic frequencies in the form of sound and light, it directly appeals to your self-healing capacity and the internal intelligence in your body. This enables healing at the deepest level: of body, mind & spirit.

Most disorders are information disturbances, or frequency disturbances, which begin as an imbalance in the resonance at the cellular level. This disrupts the cooperation, the coherence and the harmony between cells. The greater the imbalance, the less correct information the cell passes on to other cells. A chaotic vibration arises that disrupts ‘the harmony of the symphony orchestra’. The orchestra starts playing off key and the body’s own frequencies of the cells resonate ‘out of tune’: they are dissonant and no longer vibrate in harmony.

Frequency disturbances can have various causes, which we all encounter in daily life. Such as pathogens including pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, toxins, pollutants, radiation exposure, wrong nutrition, stress, too little or wrong exercise, et cetera.

With the body’s own frequencies in the form of sound (harmonic tones) and light (electromagnetic information), we can inform the body in a very targeted way and encourage communication, cooperation and recovery at a cellular level. The body heals itself and realigns itself with health, vitality and resilience. The cells come back into tune with their original harmonic resonance.

Each sound file is unique and carefully compiled from our extensive harmonic frequency database.

Our sound & frequency therapy has 3 unique aspects:


Body, mind & spirit

Our harmonic frequencies are active on all layers: body, mind & spirit. Each sound file starts with a grounding tone to make the body receptive to the informational stimuli. It follows a natural build-up from the outer layers inwards. From the spiritual layer (spirit) with personal and cosmic frequencies of, among other things, chakras, connections and family patterns, it passes to the energetic layer (mind) with frequencies from Eastern medicine such as the meridians and the five elements and then to the frequencies operating in the physical layer (body) with, for example, all bodily parts of a certain joint. This structure ensures that the body can properly absorb the harmonic information stimuli.



Natural frequencies follow the rhythm of the seasons and vary from day to day. They are attuned to the position of the sun relative to the earth. The position of the sun shifts a little every day and makes an analemma movement throughout the year. Natural frequencies follow this rhythm and shift along with it. The analemma looks like the figure eight and is perhaps better known as the infinity symbol. Our body, and more specifically the water in our cells, is attuned to this cosmic harmony. To be effective, the information presented in the form of harmonic frequencies must be up to date. Therefore, the sound files are offered via online streaming and composed at the time of playing it.



Each individual sound frequency is made up of no fewer than 16 tones. The whole together forms a harmonic and is a composition of the fundamental tone with 7 overtones that are played simultaneously in the yin and yang spectrum. Computers and digital systems cannot produce harmonic or natural frequencies by themselves. A programming language simply consists of ‘zeros and ones’ that convert frequencies into flat, constant and unnatural tones. Digital information is often offered in compressed form via MP3 files, among other things. Thus, part of the information is lost. The difference is often inaudible, but if you want to use the information in the form of sound therapy, the harmonics are essential! The complex composition and the natural harmonic resonance that develops between the 16 tones creates the unique and distinctive wavy sound of our sound frequencies.

“With water, sound and light – in the form of electromagnetic waves – we compose the symphony of our inner nature. The more natural and pure the information stimulus is, the better the body will absorb the frequencies. The unique fine-tuning we have built into our sound files is essential for healing. The body’s cells recognize the harmonics as ‘the original resonance of the cells’ and absorb what they need.”

Eric Laarakker DVM, founder of Information Medicine


In the period from January 2021 to April 2023, more than 2000 participants participated in the online sound therapy pilot study. Participants (clients and animal owners) were able to sign up for this pilot through the network of Den Hoek, Holistic practice for Animal & Human in De Bilt, the Netherlands. In exchange for their participation, they have shared their experiences with us through reviews, interim surveys and personal reports. This has provided us with very valuable information, about both the technical aspects of offering our services online and how to improve this, as well as about the experience and effectiveness of the sound treatments. The many positive reactions we received during this pilot phase were a heart-warming encouragement for us to persevere and realize this online platform. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this!

In the period from June to December 2022, a first scientific study was carried out via Den Hoek, Holistic practice for Animal & Human, into the effects of our information medicine sound therapy with harmonic frequencies. We are pleased to report that the results are positive and promising. This requires further investigation and we have now started a second round of research.


Through this website we offer our innovative sound therapy with harmonic frequencies. You can choose from the sound files in our online audio library. Up to two sound files can be played simultaneously per session The sound files will reinforce each other and provide synergy.

Each sound file is unique and carefully composed to work on all layers: body, mind & spirit. In order to be able to absorb the harmonic frequencies in the body, a transfer of information that is as complete and pure as possible is necessary. That is why we recommend playing the files through a high-quality speaker at a location with a stable internet connection. More information about this can be found in our FAQ. For an optimal experience, we recommend using our Information Speaker.

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