Information medicine is a relatively new form of medicine – in our view it is the health (r)evolution towards the future. Harmonic frequencies in the form of sound and light, activate your self-healing capacity and the internal intelligence in your body. This enables healing at the deepest level of body, mind & spirit.

Most disorders are information disturbances, or frequency disturbances, which begin as an imbalance in the resonance at the cellular level. This disrupts the cooperation, the coherence and the harmony between cells. The greater the imbalance, the less correct information the cell passes on to other cells. A chaotic vibration arises that disrupts ‘the harmony of the symphony orchestra’. The orchestra starts playing off key and the body’s own frequencies of the cells resonate ‘out of tune’: they are dissonant and no longer vibrate in harmony.

Attune to health, vitality and resilience with our harmonic frequencies.

With the body’s own frequencies in the form of sound (harmonic tones) and light (electromagnetic information), we can inform the body in a very targeted way and encourage communication, cooperation and recovery at a cellular level. The body heals itself and realigns itself with health, vitality and resilience. The cells come back into tune with their original harmonic resonance.




Our harmonic frequency sound therapy offers you the most fundamental, holistic and body-specific way to heal yourself and your body.


Eric Laarakker DVM  – the founder of this platform – is a scientist, veterinarian, entrepreneur, explorer, author, teacher, healthcare professional, developer of new forms of medication, healing techniques and devices and most of all an idealist. Thanks to his pioneering work – together with a team of doctors, veterinarians, therapists, building biologists and scientists – thousands of natural electromagnetic (light) frequencies of the body, our living environmentand the cosmos have been mapped over the years. Based on more than 30 years of scientific research, development and extensive practical experience, we have succeeded in converting the electromagnetic frequencies into harmonic sound frequencies.

"We compose the symphony of our inner nature with water, sound and light.''
Eric Laarakker DVM, founder of Information Medicine

Experience the power of INFORMATION MEDICINE

This innovative form of harmonic sound frequency therapy connects traditional forms of medicine with the health (r)evolution towards the future. Modern audio technology makes this unique healing experience possible.

Wherever you are in the world, with the help of our online streaming service and our wide selection of sound files, you are assured of the most suitable and up-to-date harmonic sound frequencies.


Choose your desired sound files via the online sound files library and experience what the harmonic sound frequencies can do for your health and well-being. Our sound therapy is suitable for everyone: adults, children, animals, plants and also for harmonizing your living environment.

To be effective, the information presented in the form of the harmonic sound frequencies must be up to date. The sound frequencies vary per day, which is why the sound files are offered through our online streaming service and composed at the time you play it.

Each sound file is unique and carefully composed to work from all layers: body, mind & spirit. Each individual sound frequency is made up of no fewer than 16 tones. The whole together forms a ‘harmonic’ and is a composition of the fundamental tone with 7 overtones that are played simultaneously in the yin and yang range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

All these aspects with the unique fine-tuning are essential for healing! The more natural and purer the information stimulus is, the better the body will be able to absorb the information. The body’s cells recognize the harmonics as ‘the original resonance of the cells’ and absorb what they need to restore the inner harmony.


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For some time now, we have had the option of using sound treatments in the Holistic Practice for Animals and Humans 'Den Hoek'. For me as a veterinarian for companion animals, I notice that this has given the treatments considerable added value. Especially with behavioral problems I see a big improvement in the results. But also with all kinds of physical complaints such as back and locomotion problems, gastrointestinal complaints or allergies, I increasingly use the sound treatments for a more in-depth therapy and therefore better results. The additional advantage of the sound treatments is that animals that are difficult to treat can still be treated effectively without having to get too close to them. All in all a great asset in the holistic therapy options for animals and humans.

Mallika Kokke, holistic veterinarian

My 15-yr-old mare Aniek was leaning on the bit and lame on the off fore. On the scan made at a regular animal clinic the right fetlock displayed connective tissue and she was also suspected to have a torn neck ligament. Following the advice of half a year’s rest did not mitigate the complaints. I then took her to the Holistische praktijk voor Dieren Den Hoek. After a number of treatments with sound (the regeneration and tendons-ligaments programmes) in combination with natural remedies, she is now doing real fine again. Over a period of 3 months she was bi-weekly treated with sound and the electrode developed specially for the purpose. The results are beyond expectation! We have carefully started training again and by now she can be ridden as before. Thank you!

Deborah Terlouw

Boy, am I glad I found this clinic! My horse has had Lyme’s disease for at least 6 years now. The symptoms re-appear every year in autumn: a languid and depressed horse. Every year she would get antibiotics treatment lasting 6-8 weeks (something you would rather avoid). Unfortunately, last year the treatment of 12 weeks of antibiotics had no results at all. My regular vet could do no more for my animal. The only option was : having her put down.... I could not and would not accept this. After searching the internet day and night I found the Den Hoek clinic. They used sound therapy. When I read that, I was rather sceptical until.... I watched the ear movements and expression on my horse’s face during this treatment. There was something going on there! Now, 9 months later, I am very happy to say that we can start in competitions again. I have the greatest admiration for this treatment and would advise everyone to try it. Thank you, thanks to you I still have my horse! 


In January 2013 I developed a gastroparesis (a stomach paralysis) and a spastic oesophagus (gullet). I can only eat very few normal products and for the rest depend on liquid sustenance. I went through the regular medical circuit, where the conclusion eventually was that they could do nothing for me anymore, just treatment of the symptoms. Eric Laarakker suggested that the defect was possibly caused by a reduced functioning of the nervus vagus. Via the Holistische praktijk voor Dier & Mens Den Hoek I am now receiving acupuncture and sound therapy to balance the  nervus vagus. Already after the first treatment I felt "hungry", a feeling that I had not had in the last 7.5 years!! How great is that?! I also noticed that I could eat a little more and that there is a changed reaction in my stomach. It seems like the pilot flame is on again! Especially in the first 10 days I noticed changes in my body every day, so different than before. In short, I am really confident that things are changing!

Ellen Lanson

I also have seen good results of sound therapy in dogs. Veterinarian Elske Buijs from the Holistische praktijk voor Dier & Mens Den Hoek applied it to my dog Falco, who suffered from Lyme’s disease. Good results.

Karin Koopman

The sound therapy has changed my life. For more than 12 years I had bladder complaints. I have tried many treatments but always without results. An underlying condition, namely Lyme, was found at Den Hoek. By listening to sound therapy at home on a regular basis, I can now keep my complaints well under control! For the first time in years I can work a morning without having to run to the toilet in between. But not only I was treated, my pony too. I had known for a number of years that my pony had Lyme. Unfortunately, the Lyme came back in full force last summer. Medication and sound therapy were started. I was really surprised at the difference there was within 2 weeks. I myself became so enthusiastic about information medicine that I as a physiotherapist, I now also use sound therapy. It is so fascinating to see the changes my clients are experiencing. Mentally or physically reduce complaints, people make decisions, pick up old hobbies again or experience relaxation. And I continue to find it special how people leave the practice after a treatment with a different look in their eyes.

Physiotherapist Renate Pasman

I got good news for you. A few weeks ago I got a headache going towards migraine and I thought: let’s run the Headache file in combination with the Neck file. After 10 minutes my headache had not only totally disappeared, but I have not had any headache since!

My allergies, although I still have contact with the allergens, is steadily decreasing.

A fat yeah!


I listen to the sound files every day. I always choose Regeneration and Alignment and then a third which I vary. I started this because I have arthrosis in my hands. They have very much improved, they hardly trouble me now. But I really use the sound files as a focussing point for my daily meditation (both the sound and the vibrations on my body). Difficult to explain why, but I really have the feeling that it is good for my general balance and inner peace. I love it so much that is has nearly become addicitive. And all my pets want to be close when I play the files 😄


We really get the feeling that the treatments help. The results of the recent examination at den Hoek confirm this. We are very happy with the result and that we can continue to use the soundfiles

Wout, Natasja and Pluis (cat)

I have now combined several systemic sessions with sound files. Each time I did it with groups between 10 and 30 participants at the same time. I often used a sound file such as “Grounding & Relaxation” or “Alignment” and during an exercise or setup I also used the sound files "Align your past", Ctrl-alt-delete, New Timeline and Magdalena. After using 1 file at a time a few times, I noticed that playing multiple sound files at the same time works even better and the sound files work together more, so to speak. The first tentative experiences and impressions are promising: The participants almost all indicate afterwards that they feel better grounded and when using the sound file “Align your past” that they felt even further and more deeply guided in their inner journey through their (family) past. Furthermore, many people indicated that their past seems less ‘attractive’, which I translate to mean that they can be more in the here and now. For some people it takes some getting used to when they hear and experience the sound tones and waves for the first time, it actually requires a kind of surrender. But experience shows that people soon feel that their body responds and resonates well and that the surrender and rhythm of the body often take over. This beautiful experimental journey is far from finished and it leaves a taste for more.

Marion Latour, trainer and systemic coach at Aletaya

From my practice I have participated in the pilot phase of Information Medicine for the past year and a half. In addition to the separate use of these frequencies with 1 or 2 information speakers, I have often combined these with my other treatment methods (Mulitwave Oscillator, magnetization and Ankh therapy). My clients' reactions to these electromagnetic waves were almost always positive. It was usually used in the last part of a consultation, so that one could experience the different frequencies in an already deeper relaxation. Information Medicine is therefore a great addition to my treatments!

Ruud Lammertink, Healing Practice Soest



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