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Healing with information is the medicine of the future

Information medicine offers the most fundamental and basic manner to heal yourself and your body. Information medicine addresses the cause of the defect and the self-healing ability of humans, animals and plants. Most diseases are, in our view, information defects and they start as a disturbance of information at quantum level (= the smallest particles, known as quantum particles). When this disturbance lasts long and/or is serious enough, it will produce visible physical and/or other complaints.

Information medicine offers the body – with the aid of water, electro-magnetic information (light) and harmonic sound frequencies – very precisely the right information to tackle the disturbance or defect yourself. Instead of simply opposing or suppressing symptoms, manipulating the information in your body contributes to enhancing your awareness, health, wellbeing and recovery in all the layers of your body  (body, mind, spirit). 

‘Let’s tune up your health’ with our healing frequencies.



About Us

On the basis of 30 years of development and ample practical experience, we offer our expertise via this website in the form of Information medicine

The sound treatments offered via this platform are the fruits of pioneering work performed by a team of veterinarians, physicians, therapists, residential biologists and other scientists in the fields of holistic, systemic and renovated (animal)medicine over the past decades.  Via this platform we share our knowledge in the field of information medicine and offer our online sound treatments and auxiliary products in a safe way.


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Our Products

English? Kies uw gewenste geluidsbestand met helende frequenties via de producten pagina en ervaar wat de harmonische tonen voor uw gezondheid en welzijn - en die van uw dierbaren - kunnen betekenen. De geluidsbehandelingen zijn geschikt voor iedereen: volwassenen, kinderen, dieren en zelfs uw leefomgeving. We hebben ontdekt dat de frequenties variëren en daarom worden de geluidsbestanden dagelijks vernieuwd. Elk geluidsbestand bevat harmonische tonen die vanuit alle lagen werkzaam zijn (body, mind, spirit, soul); en iedere toon die u hoort is opgebouwd uit maar liefst 16 tonen (grondtoon en benodigde boventonen). Deze unieke finetuning met frequenties vanuit alle lagen, die dagelijks worden aangepast en bovendien de benodigde boventonen bevatten is essentieel voor heling! Hoe natuurlijker en zuiverder de informatieprikkel is, hoe beter het lichaam het zal opnemen. Onze zorgvuldig samengestelde geluidsprogramma's ondersteunen zo uw algehele gezondheid, vitaliteit, bewustzijn, veerkracht en zelfhelende vermogen.

Allergy is a case of over-sensitiveness when your body, or more specifically, your immune system reacts inordinately to whatever you are sensitive to. This can cause a variety of complaints, such as itching, spots on the skin, swollen eyelids, watery eyes, itchy nose, prickly tongue, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, asthmatic or intestinal complaints, etc. There are many kinds of allergies, including allergy to dust mites, pets, insects, pollen/hayfever, food allergy or contact allergy.

This file contains the balancing frequencies that, from all three layers (physical, energetic and personal/spiritual) relate to allergy complaints, over-sensitiveness, intolerances and over-stimulation of the immune system, the related functions, emotions, chakra’s, meridians and other energy systems.

balans totaal

This sound file contains the balancing frequencies that can help to achieve total inner balance. It stimulates cooperation and intelligent communication between the brain in your head (brain) and the brain in your stomach (microbiome). In our view, the composition and diversity of the microbiome is directly related to physical as well as mental-emotional and spiritual balance. The Vagus Nerve plays an important role in this.

 The Vagus Nerve is the longest and most complex nerve in the body. It connects the brain with many important organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach and intestines and the microbiome. It is part of our autonomic nervous system (works randomly, beyond our will), this nervous system can only be influenced indirectly. The autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. There should be a balance between sympathetic (action) and parasympathetic (rest) activities. If there is no balance for a longer period of time, stress complaints, restless, nervous or rushed feeling, you remain in the fight or flight mode.

The Vagus Nerve is the primary nerve associated with the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for recovery, repair, regeneration and rest. It is responsible for calming our stress system. When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, you come to rest on a cellular level. In case of (apparent) danger, our stress system is activated so that we are ready to fight or flight. When the danger has passed, it is the vagus nerve that calms our stress system.

Recent discoveries show that the Vagus Nerve is also involved in the transport of light/quantum information, which is absorbed via melanin in the skin, to the microbiome. The influence of the Vagus Nerve on many chronic conditions is unfortunately often underestimated or not recognized while, in our view, it is very important to include the Vagus Nerve in the treatment.

The vagus nerve will work less well due to prolonged stress, just like a muscle, it can then become tense, so that the stress system remains activated, and you experience constant restlessness.

Characteristics of chronic stress:

  • Headache, back pain, neck and shoulder complaints
  • Sleep problems, fatigue
  • Memory problems, decreased concentration, difficulty relaxing
  • Restlessness, easily irritated, being busy in your head
  • Depression, gloominess, anxiety and mood swings
  • Decreased resistance, higher susceptibility to disease and inflammation
  • Gastrointestinal complaints such as Crohn's Disease, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Stomach Ulcers

This sound file is very suitable for playing in combination with and in support of other sound files.


This sound file contains the balancing frequencies that help to better ground yourself and reduce negative stress.

Being grounded means that you literally and figuratively have both feet on the ground, that you are in contact with the earth and with yourself. It means that you are fully in the here and now with your attention and awareness, not in the past or in the future. If you are not properly grounded you can become overstimulated more quickly and you are more prone to energy leakage. If you are well grounded, you can let emotions and stimuli from others slide off yourself into the earth more easily. It helps you to learn to recognize what belongs to your own energy field and where the boundary of that field lies.

Grounding literally helps you to discharge. Your body needs to be discharged from the daily charge you get from electromagnetic fields. When your body comes into contact with a natural surface, you absorb the negative electrons from the earth and the positive electrons (from electrical equipment such as computers and mobile phones) that are in your body are neutralized.

Being well grounded promotes relaxation and makes you more resilient to the outside world. Earthing is often compared to a tree, if the roots of a tree are firmly in the ground, the tree is strong and healthy and can easily move in the wind.

  • Ellen

    Ellen Lanson

     In January 2013 I developed a gastroparesis (a stomach paralysis) and a spastic oesophagus (gullet). I can only eat very few normal products and for the rest depend on liquid sustenance. I went through the regular medical circuit, where the conclusion eventually was that they could do nothing for me anymore, just treatment of the symptoms. Eric Laarakker suggested that the defect was possibly caused by a reduced functioning of the nervus vagus. Via the Holistische praktijk voor Dier & Mens Den Hoek I am now receiving acupuncture and sound therapy to balance the  nervus vagus. Already after the first treatment I felt "hungry", a feeling that I had not had in the last 7.5 years!! How great is that?! I also noticed that I could eat a little more and that there is a changed reaction in my stomach. It seems like the pilot flame is on again! Especially in the first 10 days I noticed changes in my body every day, so different than before. In short, I am really confident that things are changing!

  • golda tijdens geluidsbehandeling


    Boy, am I glad I found this clinic! My horse has had Lyme’s disease for at least 6 years now. The symptoms re-appear every year in autumn: a languid and depressed horse. Every year she would get antibiotics treatment lasting 6-8 weeks (something you would rather avoid). Unfortunately, last year the treatment of 12 weeks of antibiotics had no results at all. My regular vet could do no more for my animal. The only option was : having her put down.... I could not and would not accept this. After searching the internet day and night I found the Den Hoek clinic. They used sound therapy. When I read that, I was rather sceptical until.... I watched the ear movements and expression on my horse’s face during this treatment. There was something going on there! Now, 9 months later, I am very happy to say that we can start in competitions again. I have the greatest admiration for this treatment and would advise everyone to try it. Thank you, thanks to you I still have my horse! 

  • falco

    Karin Koopman

    I also have seen good results of sound therapy in dogs. Veterinarian Elske Buijs from the Holistische praktijk voor Dier & Mens Den Hoek applied it to my dog Falco, who suffered from Lyme’s disease. Good results.

  • Deborah Terlouw met Aniek

    Deborah Terlouw

    My 15-yr-old mare Aniek was leaning on the bit and lame on the off fore. On the scan made at a regular animal clinic the right fetlock displayed connective tissue and she was also suspected to have a torn neck ligament. Following the advice of half a year’s rest did not mitigate the complaints. I then took her to the Holistische praktijk voor Dieren Den Hoek. After a number of treatments with sound (the regeneration and tendons-ligaments programmes) in combination with natural remedies, she is now doing real fine again. Over a period of 3 months she was bi-weekly treated with sound and the Information Speaker developed specially for the purpose. The results are beyond expectation! We have carefully started training again and by now she can be ridden as before. Thank you!

  • Mallika Kokke

    Holistic veterinarian Mallika Kokke DVM

    For some time now the Holistische Praktijk voor Dier & Mens ‘Den Hoek’ offers the possibility to avail of sound treatments. As vet for pet animals, I noticed that the sound treatments gave a good surplus value to my treatments. Especially with behavioural issues I see considerable progress in the results. But also in cases of various physical complaints, such as back or locomotion problems, intestinal disturbances or allergies I find myself using the sound treatments more frequently for an in-depth therapy and get consequent better results. The additional advantage of sound treatments is that animals that are difficult to handle can still effectively treated without having to get too close. All in all, a great improvement for the holistic, therapeutic possibilities for man and animal.