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Dit geluidsbestand is samen met het bestand Regeneratie het ‘anti-agingsproduct’ onder de geluidsbestanden.

Het geluidsbestand Aging bevat de balancerende frequenties die vanuit alle drie de lagen (fysiek, energetisch en persoonlijk/spiritueel) kunnen bijdragen om verouderingsprocessen en verouderingsklachten te vertragen c.q. tegen te gaan.

Veroudering wordt geassocieerd met het verval van allerlei functies (biologisch, fysiologisch, ecologisch, psychologisch, etc) en ook met een afname van het vermogen om je aan te passen aan metabolische stress.

Sommige leeftijdsgebonden veranderingen zijn goedaardig, zoals grijzend haar. Andere veranderingen resulteren in achteruitgang van de functie van de zintuigen (zien, horen, proeven, ruiken, voelen) en dagelijkse activiteiten en brengen een verhoogde vatbaarheid mee voor ziekte, kwetsbare gezondheid en verminderde veerkracht.  Veroudering is een van de belangrijkste risicofactoren voor het ontstaan van chronische degeneratieve ziekten.

the spiritual axis

This sound file contains the balancing frequencies that can help you get yourself back in alignment. By alignment we mean aligning yourself spiritually, intellectually and physically, whereby you are well grounded and in touch with your intuition and higher consciousness. Alignment is when our physical body is in harmony with our etheric body (our life force, our aura, our energy field). In other words, when your soul and mind are harmoniously aligned. It means being an energetic match with your life purpose, your soul destiny, where you feel a unity with all that is.

All kinds of situations and negative emotions such as fear, stress, sadness, frustration, restlessness and anger can disrupt your inner balance. You lose the anchor in yourself, as it were. Some examples of how you might recognize this:

  • Your whole soul feels tired. This can happen when you are not living according to your life purpose or when you are not authentic about something.
  • Holding onto fear, anger, resentment or sadness.
  • If you feel anything other than satisfied.
  • The feeling that things are happening to you.
  • Living too much in the past.
  • You have no sense of belonging or purpose in the world.
  • You are concerned about the future, fear is the main indicator that you are not in alignment and not present.

There is nothing wrong with emotions, as long as they are (a) functional, (b) proportionate to the situation, and (c) transient. You are not what happened to you, you are what you choose to be.

Alignment helps you to stay true to yourself, to experience inner peace and to limit energy leakage. It also helps to process the many stimuli that come to us, to better set limits on what you can and cannot let in. It also helps to recognize when emotions disturb you, to reduce stress and tension, to aid recovery from illness, to make you more resilient and to live your life as it was intended.

When you are in alignment with the energy of the universe, you create the magic and synchronicity in your world that results in positive manifestations. You attune yourself to "luck".


Allergy is a case of over-sensitiveness when your body, or more specifically, your immune system reacts inordinately to whatever you are sensitive to. This can cause a variety of complaints, such as itching, spots on the skin, swollen eyelids, watery eyes, itchy nose, prickly tongue, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, asthmatic or intestinal complaints, etc. There are many kinds of allergies, including allergy to dust mites, pets, insects, pollen/hayfever, food allergy or contact allergy.

This file contains the balancing frequencies that, from all three layers (physical, energetic and personal/spiritual) relate to allergy complaints, over-sensitiveness, intolerances and over-stimulation of the immune system, the related functions, emotions, chakra’s, meridians and other energy systems.

foot joint

This sound file contains the balancing frequencies that from all three layers (physical, energetic and personal/spiritual) relate to the ankle and hock, the related physical components (such as, bones, tendons, muscles, etc), functions, emotions, chakra’s, meridians, possible defects (including arthrosis, heel spur, OCD (Osteochondrosis dissecans), splint (fractures in the small metacarpal bones), inflammations, etc) and symptoms.

auto immuun

The immune system is the defence system of an organism against disease. In the case of immune diseases, this defence system does not work as it should.

In the case of auto-immune diseases the defence is too powerful and directs itself inwards (in the case of rheumatism, for example). In the case of allegies, the defence is also too powerful, but directs itself outwards (allergies, eczema). In the case of immune disorders the defence can also be too weak, causing, for instance, that wrong cells are not removed (cancer) or that not enough anti-bodies are generated to clean away the pathogens (immunodeficiency, sensitive to infections). There is a growing number of scientific studies that show the relationship between chronical auto-immune diseases and pathogens such as the Eppstein-Barr virus, Lyme (amongst other, Borrelia, spirogetes), toxins and a disturbed microbiome. 

In the case of auto-immune diseases it is important to treat, besides the immune system, also the ‘expressions’ of the disease. For example, the Auto-Immune file combines well with, for example, the Large Intestines file in case of Crohn disease, with the Joints General file in case of rheumatism, and with the Lyme file for Lyme-complaints, etc.

The Auto-immune file contains balancing frequencies that, from all layers (such as the relevant chakra’s, meridian systems and the physical systems/functions) relate to physical functions and disorders in which Auto-immunity is playing a role.

balans totaal

This sound file contains the balancing frequencies that can help to achieve total inner balance. It stimulates cooperation and intelligent communication between the brain in your head (brain) and the brain in your stomach (microbiome). In our view, the composition and diversity of the microbiome is directly related to physical as well as mental-emotional and spiritual balance. The Vagus Nerve plays an important role in this.

 The Vagus Nerve is the longest and most complex nerve in the body. It connects the brain with many important organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach and intestines and the microbiome. It is part of our autonomic nervous system (works randomly, beyond our will), this nervous system can only be influenced indirectly. The autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. There should be a balance between sympathetic (action) and parasympathetic (rest) activities. If there is no balance for a longer period of time, stress complaints, restless, nervous or rushed feeling, you remain in the fight or flight mode.

The Vagus Nerve is the primary nerve associated with the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for recovery, repair, regeneration and rest. It is responsible for calming our stress system. When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, you come to rest on a cellular level. In case of (apparent) danger, our stress system is activated so that we are ready to fight or flight. When the danger has passed, it is the vagus nerve that calms our stress system.

Recent discoveries show that the Vagus Nerve is also involved in the transport of light/quantum information, which is absorbed via melanin in the skin, to the microbiome. The influence of the Vagus Nerve on many chronic conditions is unfortunately often underestimated or not recognized while, in our view, it is very important to include the Vagus Nerve in the treatment.

The vagus nerve will work less well due to prolonged stress, just like a muscle, it can then become tense, so that the stress system remains activated, and you experience constant restlessness.

Characteristics of chronic stress:

  • Headache, back pain, neck and shoulder complaints
  • Sleep problems, fatigue
  • Memory problems, decreased concentration, difficulty relaxing
  • Restlessness, easily irritated, being busy in your head
  • Depression, gloominess, anxiety and mood swings
  • Decreased resistance, higher susceptibility to disease and inflammation
  • Gastrointestinal complaints such as Crohn's Disease, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Stomach Ulcers

This sound file is very suitable for playing in combination with and in support of other sound files.


This sound file contains the balancing frequencies that help to better ground yourself and reduce negative stress.

Being grounded means that you literally and figuratively have both feet on the ground, that you are in contact with the earth and with yourself. It means that you are fully in the here and now with your attention and awareness, not in the past or in the future. If you are not properly grounded you can become overstimulated more quickly and you are more prone to energy leakage. If you are well grounded, you can let emotions and stimuli from others slide off yourself into the earth more easily. It helps you to learn to recognize what belongs to your own energy field and where the boundary of that field lies.

Grounding literally helps you to discharge. Your body needs to be discharged from the daily charge you get from electromagnetic fields. When your body comes into contact with a natural surface, you absorb the negative electrons from the earth and the positive electrons (from electrical equipment such as computers and mobile phones) that are in your body are neutralized.

Being well grounded promotes relaxation and makes you more resilient to the outside world. Earthing is often compared to a tree, if the roots of a tree are firmly in the ground, the tree is strong and healthy and can easily move in the wind.


This file contains the balancing frequencies that, from all three layers (physical, energetic and personal/spiritual) relate to the Bladder and Urinary Tracts in general, the related functions related components, emotions, chakra’s, meridians, possible disorders and symptoms.

In case of a bladder infection we advise to combine this file with the Immune System file.