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The immune system is the defence system of an organism against disease. In the case of immune diseases, this defence system does not work as it should.

In the case of auto-immune diseases the defence is too powerful and directs itself inwards (in the case of rheumatism, for example). In the case of allegies, the defence is also too powerful, but directs itself outwards (allergies, eczema). In the case of immune disorders the defence can also be too weak, causing, for instance, that wrong cells are not removed (cancer) or that not enough anti-bodies are generated to clean away the pathogens (immunodeficiency, sensitive to infections). There is a growing number of scientific studies that show the relationship between chronical auto-immune diseases and pathogens such as the Eppstein-Barr virus, Lyme (amongst other, Borrelia, spirogetes), toxins and a disturbed microbiome. 

In the case of auto-immune diseases it is important to treat, besides the immune system, also the ‘expressions’ of the disease. For example, the Auto-Immune file combines well with, for example, the Large Intestines file in case of Crohn disease, with the Joints General file in case of rheumatism, and with the Lyme file for Lyme-complaints, etc.

The Auto-immune file contains balancing frequencies that, from all layers (such as the relevant chakra’s, meridian systems and the physical systems/functions) relate to physical functions and disorders in which Auto-immunity is playing a role.


De geluidsprogramma’s zijn stuk voor stuk uniek en zorgvuldig samengesteld vanuit alle bekende frequenties van het volledige elektromagnetische spectrum en bevatten alle relevante frequenties, omgezet in tonen en overtonen, die werkzaam in alle drie de lagen (fysieke, energetische en fijnstoffelijke/persoonlijke laag) van het lichaam.


De geluidsprogramma’s zijn ontwikkeld om:

  • Uw algehele gezondheid,  welzijn, vitaliteit en veerkracht te bevorderen.
  • Fysieke, energetische en fijnstoffelijke/persoonlijke onevenwichtigheden uit te lijnen en terug in coherente trilling te brengen.
  • Uw algehele Alignment en innerlijke afstemming te stimuleren.
  • Met behulp van harmonische tonen, het basis regulatiesysteem en het zelf helende vermogen in het lichaam aan te zetten en te ondersteunen door het interne communicatienetwerk in het lichaam te structuren, via het water in en rond de cellen.
  • Stress, spanningsklachten, pijn, negativiteit, onrust en diverse fysieke klachten te verminderen en rust, ontspanning, slaapkwaliteit, energie, positiviteit en helderheid te bevorderen.
  • De vijf verschillende hersengolfritmes te stimuleren, die van invloed zijn op uw welzijn en gezondheid: beta (alert en waakzaam), alpha (ontspannen en helder), theta,  delta (diepe slaap) en gamma (meditatie, diepe ontspanning en verhoogde staat van bewustzijn)??
  • Per programma vindt u een beknopte toelichting op het specifieke bereik of werkingsgebied van het betreffende programma. Neemt u gerust contact met ons op indien uw klachten hier niet vermeld staan of in geval van twijfel over de keuze van het meest geschikte programma.


Het lichaam heeft tijd nodig om terug in balans te komen. Daarom adviseren we een bepaalde periode tussen de behandelingen aan te houden. Dit hangt ook af van de soort en mate van uw klacht: is het acuut of chronisch, is het mild of heeft u heftigere klachten. Gemiddeld is 1 x per week voldoende voor de thuisbehandelingen met geluid via deze website.

Technical requirements:
  • You can play the soundfile from the programme selected by you via your device (laptop/computer/tablet/smartphone). You need a stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to play the soundfile online (= live streaming) without any hitches. Playing the soundfiles via a device with an antiquated opeating system may cause problems.
  • We would advise you to play the sound, for example, via a JBL box or loudspeaker of similar quality Preferably as close to the body as possible. Explanation: the better the sound quality, the stronger the healing effect. The quality of the internal soundcard of your device is often not good enough for a healing effect. That is why we advise that you play the sound via an external speaker of good quality. If you want to improve the quality even more, you could use a Dragonfly from Audioquest (or a mobile USB DAC of similar quality).
  • We advise that you connect your laptop/tablet via a cable (3.5 mm audio jack cable) to the speaker (instead of via Bluetooth). This is to prevent possible electro-magnetic radiation stress. Besides, the bluetooth connection of you device may not be strong enough to play the soundfiles; the bluetooth channel of a laptop is often weaker than that of a smartphone. When you purchase/use a box, make sure that it can be connected to your device via an audio-cable.
How to use; explained in 5 steps:
  • Go to the provisional website:

    For Mac-users: playing the files via Safari (browser) can cause problems. In that case you better select another browser (for example, Google Chrome)

  • Click right top in the menu bar on the doll icon to log in. Enter the log-in data that you received by e-mail (username and password). Press enter once.
  • When logged in, you can select the desirable programme via the product page.
  • Select the programme and click on ‘Listen now’. You will see a page with extra information about how and when to use. We strongly advise you to read through the items at this point
  • Press ‘Listen now’ again. You will see a new screen.
    • On this screen you can select the playing time of 20, 30 or 40 minutes. For children up to the age of 13 and for you/small animals we recommend the 20 minutes playing time.
    • In this screen you can also adjust the waiting time to, for example, 1 minute. Then press the start button once. The timer will start running and the soundfile will start and you can enjoy your online sound treatment. As soon as the soundfile starts playing, you will see a running timer that shows how long the soundfile will be running.
    • It may happen that the files will not start playing when a page is started from the so-called cache memory: you can correct this by pressing Control + F5 (together) when you are on the product page. For Mac-users this command is ‘command shift r’.

Important: the soundfiles are generated anew and adapted every day to the actual frequencies of that moment. Therefore it is no use recording the soundfile to keep and later play again and/or share with others. After 24 hours the healing effect will have gone, as the information is no longer up to date.

Summary advice:
  • Preferably set your device to "do not disturb or airplane mode" so that there are no disturbing interruptions of incoming calls / messages / beeps while playing the soundfile(s).
  • ‘Just let it happen’. Make sure you are in a comfortable position in a quiet environment, where you can play the soundfile undisturbed and without interruption. Do not play the soundfile when driving or otherwise involved in traffic and/or any situation requiring your alertness and attention! This will help you to deeply relax during the healing.
  • You do not have to play the sound at loud volume. Make sure the sound can be heard well, without becoming irritating or sounding too loud. Sound is a wavelength the body can easily absorb. The sounds are vibrations absorbed by the whole body; the effect is therefore not restricted to you ears. We recommend not using a headphone, because this restricts the absorption of the sounds by the body.
  • Most people have indicated to get a little used to it first before experiencing a deep, timeless relaxation during the healing. Young children who can not yet sit still for longer periods, may quietly play or read during the playing of the soundfile. Animals will in general respond very well to the sound healing and will calmly stand, sit or lie down. If necessary you can distract them with some food. Leave your animals alone as much as possible during the healing, but do keep an eye on them.
Do you have questions, feedback or can you not get it going?
On our FAQ-page you will find the answers to most questions. If your question is not among these, please feel free to contact Claudia de Gooijer-Kant via